Counselling, as you may well know, is talking about a problem or difficulty in your life with someone who is trained to help you find your own way forward.  So Counselling is potentially for anyone and not just for someone who is ‘ill’.

I believe it is important that you find a Counsellor who you feel comfortable with, you have confidence in and who is experienced in the difficulties you want to address.  To do this you’ll need to make an informed choice.  Therefore I offer this to help you find out more about possibly working with me, as well as giving some general information about finding a Counsellor.

What people use Counselling for: People work with me to get help with anxiety or panic; bereavement; depression; the demands of caring for someone else; feeling guilty; a personal crisis; relationship difficulties; sexual abuse; stress; traumatic experiences; violence and conflict etc.  More on this

What Counselling involves and how I do it:  Whether you have had Counselling before or not, I suggest you hear more about how I work, as Counsellors work in different ways.  More on this

Where and when I work:  Both online and face-to-face in Forest Hill, just two minutes walk from Forest Hill Station, on Mondays through to Fridays. 

What happens if you contact me about counselling:  I’m happy to discuss on the phone what you might want from counselling, with no obligation on your part.  Then if you want, I usually suggest we meet for an initial session. More on this

What I charge: My usual fee is £60 per session. This may be negotiable and we can discuss this if you want to.

More information available in my counselling FAQs

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